Sea Wonders and Underwater Treasures
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Sea Wonders and Underwater Treasures

Get ready to discover the island’s sea wonders and underwater treasures. Put on your diving suit and explore magnificent wrecks that will leave you wanting for more!  Get adventurous and climb into fascinating sea caves. Sea adventure is an all-year round thrill on this island Cyprus, so start exploring!


Enchanted by the mystery of an abandoned ship wreck, lying silently at the bottom of the deep blue sea, waiting for you to unveil its well-hidden secrets?  Experience the ultimate diving thrill at the Zenobia Wreck. This legendary wreck is considered as one of the Top Ten dive sites in the world! The “Zen”, as it is often called, was a roll on roll off ferry carrying trucks that was travelling from Sweden to Syria. It was on its maiden voyage, in 1980, when the ballast computer caused the ship to start listing. The captain tried to solve the problem, Zenobia began to list on the other side, and  a desperate call was made to Cyprus authorities.  The crew managed to evacuate the ship, keeping its passengers  safe. Sadly for the ship, most of Zenobia was already under the sea waters of Larnaka, just half a mile outside its harbour.


Today, lying at 42 metres under the sea, the Zen welcomes hundreds of thrilled diving fans, from newly-qualified to highly skilled and experienced divers, who are eager to explore its captivating secrets. Dive to explore its propellers at the stern, swim through the ship’s canteen and bridge, or even sit in the cabs of trucks that went down with the Zenobia and see what’s left in their cargos!   If you are an experienced, well-trained diver seeking to get the most out of every diving site, then get ready to explore the inside of Zenobia, penetrating through the main lorry or the second lorry deck, or even get into the engine room. What an adventure!



Want more? Well, apart from the Zen, there are numerous diving sites and ship wrecks in Cyprus waiting for you to discover the mystery, underwater beauty, such as Lady Thetis Wreck, The Three Stars Wreck, Green Bay, Constantis and many more!


Continue your adventure on the isalnd exploring the captivating Ayia Napa sea caves. A truly majestic site, with waves having crushed on the shore cliffs for thousands of years, patiently carving their way through the walls, until they formed these magnificent caves.  Located near the famous Cape Greko,  Ayia Napa sea caves are one of the two popular sea cave sites in Cyprus, together with Peyia sea caves.  Put on some comfortable clothes and shoes, climb down the cliffs and walk into these nature wonders. If you are an adrenaline seeker, wear your swimsuit and jump off the cliff into the crystal clear waters! Take your time to explore the breath-taking beauty of the caves, where land and sea blend to create a unique landscape that inspires photography lovers, who are amazed by the spectacular sunset views!


Natural beauty, unparalleled landscapes, adventure, mystery and lots of thrills!  Discover unique natural treasures in one-of-a-kind experiences and get inspired by the Story behind each place you visit!

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